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Team Performance Management

Successful teams don't happen by chance but are carefully developed.

Smart: AI-powered action cards provide guidance & structure

Effective: Feedback, problem solving, and implementation in one tool

Profitable: Over 90% savings compared to recruiting

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Reasons for Teamlove

Great teams grow together.

At Teamlove, we apply scientific know-how, years of experience and innovative features to improve a company’s most vital asset: their teams. Our mission is to help organizations build, enhance and scale their teams.

AI Action Cards

Introducing AI-powered action cards that are iterated through in regular cycles, seamlessly integrating feedback, brainstorming solutions, and executing measures all in one place.

Collect Feedback.
A playful Pick & Choose mechanism creates engagement, highlights and specific solutions for improvement.
Brainstorm Sollutions.
Cutting Edge AI technology, enhanced by the expertise of psychologists, empowers the problem-solving.
Track and Evaluate.
Stay informed, empower your team and leverage historical data to uncover valuable insights.
A short introduction to teamlove

Make your teams ready for the future with Teamlove. Find out how we support you in the development of your organization and get to know our most important features.

The key to successful collaboration is giving feedback that is timed just right and fits seamlessly into your work routine. With Teamlove, you can keep improving by responding to changes every 3-6 months.

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Expert for organizational development

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This is Teamlove.

We have created a tool that helps teams to give and get feedback efficiently, to solve problems, and implement solutions, so they can work better together.

Teamlove Priorization Step

Is your business ready for peak performance? Start using Teamlove today.

We are delivering a solution that will transform the way people work.

Team Dashboard and Statistics

The Dashboard provides a comprehensive and intuitive hub, guiding through the development process. With its user-friendly interface and widgets, it's the perfect command center for team leads.

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Playful Feedback

Our innovative and playful interface allows team members to browse and select topics intuitively. For every topic that is flagged with a need for improvement, we collect statements on the underlying issues as well as suggestions on how to fix them.

Stay on top of things

With a company account, management and human resources get an overview of the current situation within their teams. All data is conveniently processed and displayed in real time.

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Frequently asked questions

Can not find the answer you are looking for? Reach out to our customer support.

Is Teamlove really free for teams?
Yes! We are committed to keeping Teamlove free for teams. We know how difficult it is to get budgets approved for work-related tools and apps and want to allow everyone to start using Teamlove easily. In fact, Teamlove is free for up to 10 teams, so small organizations that usually do not have a significant HR budget can equally profit from team development.
How often shoud I use Teamlove?
Teamlove was designed for three-month cycles. You will use Teamlove often at the start of a cycle and in between to document your process and to conduct a check-up meeting.
What kind of data can HR see from my team?
Teamlove was designed with anonymity in mind so you can focus on your team's development. We do share your team results with HR but not any individual topic ratings or comments. Those are really meant to move you and your teammates forward.
How can I test Teamlove?
Just open an account and give it a spin. It's free without any restrictions for individual teams. For organizations, it is free for the first 10 teams.

Start improving your team today.

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